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Associated Organbuilders operates under the direction of Mr. Timothy Patterson. Services include: new pipe organs, tuning services, simple to complete restoration, cleaning of pipes and chambers, protection from construction contamination, pipe additions, updating electrical control systems (See Note Below), and tonal revisions.

Associated Organbuilders provides complete service and maintenance of pipe organs in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

In-house woodworking and pipe making services allow us to respond quickly to your pipe organ restoration or expansion without having to wait for suppliers. This also allows us to maintain a high level of quality without having to accept the mistakes that suppliers so often deliver.

Whether you have mechanical, electro-mechanical (direct-actiontm), or pneumatic action; forty years of business in the USA and France has given us the experience to meet your needs.

Why work with a pipe organ technician, when you can work with a pipe organ builder? We have experience in manufacturing every part of a pipe organ.

We welcome your inquiry or visit to our facilities near downtown St. Paul. Just call ahead so that we can assure someone will be here to greet you. 651-222-7473

Other information:

Mr. Patterson obtained a B.S. degree in computer science and industrial technology from the University of Wisconsin with highest honors. He is also a life member of the national honor society of Phi-Kappa-Phi.

Important note about construction work:

With the improvement and/or enlargement of church properties, many churches find out way to late about the damage and contamination that can occur to their pipe organs. Damage and contamination can even occur when construction is performed on a nearby property. Dust from construction can migrate into a pipe organ even when it is not obvious. If your church or nearby properties are considering construction work, consider a consultation with us to appraise the possible risk and suggested protection to keep your pipe organ safe. Check our web page under Commissions / Projects to view our past work in pipe organ protection.

Important note about National Electrical Code (NEC) of 2005 (article 650.):

In regards to electronic updating and computer control systems, any change in your pipe organ's wiring now requires an electrical permit and inspection when a class 1 power supply is employed (and they typically are.) This is to ensure that the wiring is properly done in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC) of 2005 (article 650.) We work with licensed electricians who will ensure that all codes are met, permits obtained, and inspections are completed. This is a very important requirement that you must demand. If a permit and inspection is not obtained, your insurance may not cover a future loss. This may occur even if the cause of the loss came from something other than the pipe organ.

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Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102
Tel 651 222 7473