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Updated 7/10/2008

Austin 4' Clarion pipes.
Austin 8' Gedackt wood pipes.
Moller 8' Gemshorn pipes.
(Austin ?) 4' Hohl Flute pipes.

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Austin 4' Clarion

This rank has been revoiced for 2-3/4" wp. and the shallots wax filled and drilled to be parallel. The sound is very Petite Trompette.

c1=2.7", c2=2.2", c3=1.56", c4=1.3"


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Austin 8' Gedackt
from 1910'S

This rank has been revoiced for 2-3/4" w.p. The month nicking was filled with wax. (61 pipes)

c1=2-3/4"w by 3-1/2"d
c2=2" by 2-3/8"
c3=1-3/16 by 1-3/8"
c4=0.725" by 0.85"


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Moller 8' Gemshorn
Age unknown.

This rank has been revoiced for
2-3/4" w.p. The sound has been successfully kept the original.
(61 pipes)

c1=4-1/8", c2=2-1/2"


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Austin?? 4' Hohl Flute
Age unknown.

This rank has been revoiced for 2-3/4" w.p. Pipes 1-6 are stopped wood. Pipes 7-61 are open spotted metal.



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