Associated Organbuilers is a business organized by Timothy Patterson in association with local pipe organ technicians. Mr. Patterson began operations in 1975 in Minneapolis and now occupies a historic building in St. Paul. The building was originally built by Lauer construction to manufacture scaffolding used in the construction of the Cathedral of St. Paul located near downtown St. Paul.

Timothy Jon Patterson was born in Minneapolis, MN. in 1954. He studied piano with Chei Teragawa and organ with Jim Reily. His youthful interests were varied with focus on technical curiosities. These interests converged and allowed Tim to focus toward the pipe organ. His first pipe organ project was a two manual and eighteen rank pipe organ for Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Minneapolis. After several installations, he studied with the organ builder Geoffrey Hunt in 1981 and spent seven years rounding out his organ building skills. With Mr. Hunt he learned pipe making and casework design. Tim left Mr. Hunt and began a college degree program that concluded with a B. S. in Computer Science and Industrial Education from the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. Tim graduated with Highest Senior Honors and was inducted into the national honor society of Phi Kappa Phi.

Today he continues his pursuit of pipe organ building as President of Associated Organbuilders in St. Paul, MN. Tim has evolved the firm's capabilities to include flue and reed pipe construction, pedal and keyboard construction, and chest and casework construction. Tim has personally designed and built over 150 ranks of pipework. His latest development is an electro-mechanical valve action that was granted a patent in August of 1996. One of his most noted achievements is the Festive Trumpet on 30" of wind pressure at The Cathedral Church of St. Mark, Minneapolis. Tim has been involved in pipe organ restoration and service in France since 1996. He often travels to France each year traveling through-out Europe.

Timothy PATTERSON repairing a
Krumhorn pipe on the 1614 Positive of
Notre-Dame et St-Laurent, EU, France.